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1. In the online classroom, click on the Turnitin assignment where you uploaded your paper.

2. Click the "My Submissions" tab

3. Click the icon next to your grade to open the viewer window. 

4. Viewing Marks

Student users are able to view the full information of a comment or QuickMark editing mark in multiple ways.

The primary method is using the mouse. The student will need to locate and click on a comment bubble on the paper. This will select the mark in question and open the comment attached to it, as well as emphasizing any highlight associated with the comment.

To view a QuickMark editing mark, the student user must move the mouse pointer over the mark to view the full information of the text associated with the mark.

When a student opens a paper in GradeMark the general comments is the default sidebar view.

To view a full list of comments the student user must click on the "comment list" icon located at the bottom of the sidebar.

Clicking on the "comment list" icon opens a scrollable window of all comments or marks placed on the paper within the sidebar. To view the location of a mark on the paper, hover over a comment or mark in the comment list and click on the "show on paper" link that appears.

To view the rubric scorecard for the paper click on the "rubric" icon.

The Grade is displayed in the top right corner of the document viewer. If students are allowed to view the Originality Report for the assignment the Similarity Index will be displayed in the top right corner as well.

5. Printing

To print a paper that has been graded by an instructor using the GradeMark product, the student will need to open the GradeMark paper view. Once the paper is open, the student can click on the "printer" icon on the bottom of the viewing window.

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