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1. Plug in console VGA cable and audio cable to laptop. Plug power cord into the sockets that are above the DVD player built into the desk.
2. Make sure the screen resolution is set to 1024 x 768. (On a Mac, to set the screen resolution: Go to System Preferences, and under Hardware, click on Display. Choose 1024 x 768 and exit. On a PC, Right Click on the Desktop. Choose Properties. Choose Settings and under Screen Resolution, drag the pointer to a resolution less than or equal to 1024 x 768. Click Apply and close the window.)
3. On the back of the console desk, above the DVD player, there are 2 black, square buttons. Push the one on the right, number 2.
4. Then, using the buttons on the console panel, turn on the large projector. If you do this first, the projector will turn itself off while waiting for a signal from your laptop.
5. Turn on the console computer.
6. If your computer does not project, try these options:
-- hit the left, then the right black, square button
-- toggle through the possible screen displays by hitting the function key with the

  overlapping boxes on it (often F1, F7, or F8).

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