Answered By: Nathan Crum
Last Updated: Dec 16, 2014     Views: 22

First open the course that you need to grade or view student posts for. Once you are on the main page for the individual course find the "Reports" link in the "Administration" block on the left side of the page and select "Logs".

You will now be presented with several filters to help you generate a report of your students activity. The first field will already have your course title selected. Next you will select which student you would like to view, then either select a specific date or pick all days. Now select the assignment/forum or all activities. The next box allows you select what actions you are looking for that your student has made. To view posts or discussions that have created you need to set this to "Add". Then the last field you can pick whether to display the results on the same page or to download the results to a file. Please select "Display on page" so that you can follow the links to the posts the student has made. Finally click "Get these logs" to display the results.

Below is how the results will appear on the page. Below you can see that the student added a post to the HSUForum and under the information column you can see what it was in reply to. You can also see that the last item shows that she also started her own discussion. 

If you click the link under the "Action" column it will create a popup that takes you to their post as shown below.


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