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(Click Here for a downloadable PDF for the following process)

To create a hangout, you and all the people participating will need to set up Google+ accounts. In your Asbury Seminary email, click on +You in the upper-left hand corner of the screen. This will allow you to link your Asbury Seminary Google account to Google+. Everyone who will participate in the hangout needs to set up a Google+ account as well, and this is easiest if they use their accounts. Once they've created accounts, you'll need to create a circle and add them. It'll be easier if you create circles for each of your course sections. 

Next, to create the hangout itself, click "start a hangout" in Google+. You can then invite your class's circle. They'll be notified that a hangout is starting if their Gmail account is active, or if they're in Google+. If you'd like to record the hangout, you'll need to check the box for "Enable Hangouts on Air". Enabling Hangouts on Air automatically posts the Hangout to YouTube once completed. (You can make the video unlisted on YouTube) 

Once the hangout is created, you can either present via a webcam, or you can turn screen sharing on. Screensharing allows you to display the contents of one of your computer's windows to your viewers. This is useful, for example, to display Powerpoint presentations. You can shift the focus to one of your participants to take questions by clicking on their screen at the bottom of the hangout window.

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