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How do i find the New Oxford Annotated Bible online?

I need to access this for one of my classes. Thx!
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The New Oxford Annotated Bible is held under the heading of "Oxford Biblical Studies". To access any online resource provided by the Library, you will first need to visit our Library website, either by clicking on the "B.L. Fisher Library" link on oneATS, or by going to From there, either click the "Complete Resource List", or search all guides in the search box at the top for your resource's name.

You will need to log into oneATS if you are not already logged in, but it should not ask you for a further username and password, so long as you have followed the links from our website.

Other Answers / Comments (3)

  1. The New Oxford Annotated Bible is not in the A-Z Resource List and the Oxford Biblical Studies Collection requires a membership, which costs money. I love Asbury, but if I could imporove one thing about ATS, it would be the accessibility of online resources.
    by . on Sep 12, 2011.
  2. The Oxford Biblical Studies collection contains the New Oxford Annotated Bible. You can find the Oxford Biblical Studies Collection either at the A-Z Online Resource List (not the Journal List), or by clicking the direct link under "for more info".

    The page that asks for a membership is an error; we're currently talking with Oxford to locate the source of this problem.
    by Greg Sigountos on Sep 12, 2011.
  3. Our tests are showing that the links to the Oxford Annotated Dictionary are now fixed. It will not ask students for a subscription.
    by Greg Sigountos on Sep 12, 2011.

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