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How do I convert footnotes to endnotes in Microsoft Word?

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2014  |  6663 Views

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Word for Windows (2010 and 2007)

To convert one or more footnotes or endnotes:

  1. Open your document and select the References tab. In the Footnotes group, click Show Notes

  2. Select the notes you want to convert, and then right-click. Select Convert to Footnote or Convert to Endnote.

To convert all footnotes or endnotes:

  1. Open the document and select the References tab. 

  2. Click the Footnote & Endnote Dialog Box launcher (it appears as a small square in the bottom-right corner of the tab). Then click Convert... 

  3. Click OK or Apply.

Word for Mac OS X (2011 and 2008)

  1. With your document open, from the Insert menu, select Footnote... 

  2. In Word 2011, click Convert... . In Word 2008, click Options... , and then click Convert... 

  3. Select from one of the following options: 

    • Convert all footnotes to endnotes
    • Convert all endnotes to footnotes
    • Swap footnotes and endnotes
  4. Click OK in each of the dialog boxes.

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