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What software is recommended for taking classes at Asbury?

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2014  |  59 Views

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The most important tool you'll need to take classes at Asbury Seminary is a good, modern web browser. For Mac users, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome all work well. For Windows users, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 9 will all work. If you're using an old version of Internet Explorer, please update! You'll also need reliable internet access. Some of our online courses are now utilizing live video. Because of this, it's becoming more important that you have access to high-speed internet, whether at home or possibly at your public library. 

Next, you'll need access to some sort of office suite. As an Asbury Seminary student, you have a Google Apps account, which contains Google Docs. Google Docs can be useful for creating papers and presentations, though we're not able to fully recommend that you use it exclusively. More likely, you'll need a fuller-featured program. Links to some recommendations are included under this answer. 

Additionally, if you are going to take most of your classes through the ExL program, you may need the ability to run the Wimba classroom. You won't be able to run the Wimba classroom on an iPad. Technology hasn't yet reached the stage where we can recommend that you purchase a tablet instead of a standard laptop or desktop. You may need to purchase Bibleworks or Logos Bible Software for some courses. Courses will specify those requirements in the syllabus, though, so always check your syllabus beforehand!

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